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South Guildford Community Room

5 Waterhall Road
South Guildford, WA 6055

0400 804 707

Located on the exterior of the Waterhall Shopping Centre. Plenty of parking. Grab a coffee or pop to the IGA after class! And opposite a park - bring your frisbee!

There's even a medical centre, dentist, pharmacy, and hair & beauty salons among other things.

Officially number 5 Waterhall, but that doesnt show up on Google Maps. The Shopping Centre is 9 Waterhall Road, South Guildford, if you want to plug that into your GPS.

The Community Room is near the roundabout on Waterhall Road and Nyinda Entrance, South Guildford

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South Guildford Community Room
 Our classes are located on the traditional lands of The Whadjuk Noongar Nation