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We’ve just finished a term of Pitter Patter Music Together with Rachel and we had so much fun!....

Alison Cridge

I have been attending Rachel's Music Together® classes with my daughter for two years. We both enjoy the variety of music, movement, activities, instruments and other resources used in class. Most of all we love Rachel - she is a warm, gentle and inspiring teacher who radiates a love for all things music. Highly recommended!

Charlotte's Mum, Kalamunda

We have tried a few different music class options and Maeve just LOVES!!!!! Music with Rachel. Thanks again for yet another fun filled term where the kids and adults are supported to relax, have fun, express themselves and explore music together with such joy xxxx

Maeve's Mum, Glen Forrest

I think what I love about music in a family is the way that it can change the mood of a situation. It's fun, its vibrant, we can change cranky times into happy times just with singing a song and making up crazy words and dancing. So yeah, we use our Music Together all through our day and we love it!

Mum of 3, Gooseberry Hill

When I joined Pitter Patter with Rachel over a year ago, I had a 2 year old son and a newborn daughter. We had tried a few music programs run around our area (and afar!) and left feeling unfulfilled. We regularly danced around with bubbles to wiggles music at home, and couldn't see merit in the cost of a class to do the same. I wanted instruments, tones, lessons, pitch, rhythm. Well we found all that plus more with this program. Not only is my son who suffers from Verbal Dyspraxia responding in these classes, he is improving in his disability because of it. My daughter is now no longer a newborn, and runs around class participating in the songs and activities. We have made friends in the class, and we don't like school holiday breaks away from it! I have to say as well, as a 31 year old woman, I have been taught many things by Rachel about children's musical memories and abilities. She always wants to teach us so we can teach them. Her favourite saying is to enjoy music because then your children will learn to enjoy music, the most beautiful singing voice to your child is yours. I absolutely recommend this program for a musical educational start to your babies and toddlers lives.

Rory & Amber's Mum, Chidlow

Music Together has been such a welcome relief for my daughter and I over the last few years and it was so nice to have a chance to participate in the hills community with Rachel. In amongst a very busy life the classes and resources give us the chance to play with music, turn grumps into giggles and just be happy. We miss our classes but still sing and dance and have the CDs on high rotation. Thanks Rachel!

Tessa's Mum, Mundaring

Beautiful sessions, great way for parents and babies to learn together.

Mum of 2, Boya

Thanks Rachel, we've really enjoyed music class with you this term. We listen to the CD most days and the songs often pop up in daily life. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Poppy's Mum, Midland

My 2 yr old daughter and I always look forward to singing with Rachel every week! It's wonderful to see the joy on the faces of all the little ones in the room in response to the music filling their senses, and even better to see the older ones starting to participate by mimicking the actions and attempting to sing along with the adults. It's a joy to see my child participating with the group and singing the songs at home too.

Nina's Mum, Glen Forrest

I never understood just how much a child enjoys music, Thea was so young when we went to our first class, usually a grizzly baby, she was quiet through the whole session, I didn't think it was the music at first but we have continued to join in every session and she just loves it, she is so happy and now grooves along and makes sounds to the songs. Rachel is fantastic and so interactive with every child, she has given us a great place to encourage Thea's love of music.

Thea's Mum, Parkerville

Rachel is such a naturally joyful teacher. You will find yourself feeling instantly comfortable and happy in her class. Charlie thoroughly enjoyed the songs and chants and music and movements especially. The connections created between parents and children and each other make it a special unique experience. So lovely. Thank you Rachel.

Charlie's Mum, Guildford

Pitter Patter Music Together is not only providing a regular time and place for my daughter to have fun, connect with community and build a love for music but its doing that for me as well. I have found my singing and rhythm has improved for each of the songs. It is so nice to have other songs other than nursery rhymes to play, sing and dance to around the house. Asha really loves the CD and is slowing becoming more adventurous in the group. Thanks Rachel for bringing this to us - we love it!

Asha's Mum, Stoneville

I have been taking my daughter Charlotte to Pitter Patter Music Together since she was 5 months old and it truly is a highlight of her week. She loves the music. I can put her CD on at home or in the car and it is guaranteed to brighten her mood. She loves playing instruments in class and interacting with the other children. Most of all though, she absolutely adores Rachel! She watches intently and listens to every word Rachel speaks or sings, and gives Rachel the biggest smiles when we are all dancing together!

Charlotte's Mum, Kalamunda

Dear Rachel, Thank you for the amazing experiences you have given my girls and myself for nearly 4 years. You have given them an aazing gift and enriched their lives. We will miss you and your music classes. Love Grace, Aria & Marsha xxx ooo

Marsha, Helena Valley

My four year old and I love our Pitter Patter Music Together sessions. Rachel has created a learning environment where children (and adults) can play with music unselfconsciously. Since we began Pitter Patter Music Together my daughter regularly plays "music lessons" at home. She often sings her own songs and is very pleased to have "made the song by her own self". She wishes it was Music Together every day. I am very pleased with the amount of thought that has clearly gone into all the lessons, which are child-focused while containing a wealth of music theory and practice.

Airlie's Mum, Parkerville

Monique was participating well in the class. She loves having the CD in the car and now she's making up songs while she's playing.

Monique's Mum, Hovea

We love these classes! I am always so surprised when I see Alex doing something at home that happens in class and he never seems to be paying attention when we're doing it in class. I love being able to change the mood by singing and he always asks if today is music class. I can't imagine parenting without music!  

Alex's Mum, Bayswater

My 4yo daughter and even my 4mo son really loved the class today. I have to admit that I loved it too. Honestly it was fabulous. So engaging. It was so much better thought out than nursery rhymes or noise making. The kids are given the space to really be kids. I left with a spring in my step. Highly recommend! Thanks Rachel.

Mum of 2, Bassendean

I really enjoyed the class today. I wouldn't have thought that at 6 months they'd be so responsive to music, but she thoroughly enjoyed it and was looking around shaking instruments. I even heard her singing out aswell, so it was really enjoyable and I'm very glad I came.

Zoe's Mum, Lathlain

Thank you, we enjoyed the lessons. Especially our daughter had a good time with Dad.

Sharp's Mum, Vivash

Music has been a big part of my life, growing up and in school with friends, music festivals and its been really cool with my kids now to interact with them. We sing songs at home. This class has really brought all of that together.

Zane's Mum, Greenmount

We've really enjoyed the classes and I've always looked forward to Thursdays. Leila loves singing and I think that's because of Music Together. The CD's are the soundtrack to our lives and have made many long car journeys bearable.

Laura, Darlington

My daughter was a colicky baby who was difficult to soothe. Although she was held, rocked, crooned, and sung to constantly, nothing seemed to help . . . until the 'Hello Song' entered our lives. The 'Hello Song' could immediately stop crying spells, even if just for a short time, and other songs from the Tambourine collection had a similar effect! We were immediately hooked!!

Nicole, Music Together Parent

My husband teases me because whenever I mention Music Together to anyone he always pipes up my next line, which is “best money we ever spent.” I truly mean it. Kudos to Ken and Lilli for a program that outshines any other I have seen around and these days there are many of them.

Kim, Music Together Parent

I have been attending this music class with Jack since he was a baby. I was surprised that he enjoyed it right away and started joining in very quickly. Rachel is lovely and her love of music and children shines through in every class. The program is throughly researched and supported with CDs/web downloads/app and a book with all the music. It is lots of fun.

Wendy, Darlington

We are really looking forward playing music together again with you! Leo is really starting to enjoy it a lot more by copying the songs (lyrics pretty much missing but he has tons of fun!!!) Thanks for being you ;-) 

Leo's Mum, Parkerville

Absolutely wonderful classes! 

Mum of 2, Bassendean

Do yourself and your lil one a favour and join Rachel's music class. We have so much fun and our son loves the lessons. They're enjoyable AND informative. Rach is a wealth of knowledge too. Fantastic!

Dee, Bayswater

Such a wonderful class! Rachel is just fabulous. And we have so much fun! Love it.

Mum of 2, Helena Valley

My son Leo loved Rachel's music class last term! It was such a fun way to spend our Friday mornings together, the songs using instruments were his favourite. I can highly recommend her class for toddlers!!

Leo's Mum, South Guildford

I have spent the last year making music every week of each term with Rachel and my 2-3yr old daughter - such fun times! At times my daughter acted up and I wondered what was the point, but both my children loved the Music Together CD’s we played mostly in the car, and this school holidays my daughter has taken to spontaneous singing and I know she was taking it all in! Rachel’s classes are fabulous and I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Hanna's Mum, Bassendean

We love it!!!

Tito's Mum, Carlisle

Dear Rachel, Thank you for a very enjoyable 2+ years of fabulous music classes. We have had a wonderful time & learnt so much! xox

Andie's Grandma, Bullsbrook

We absolutely love this class with Rachel! So much fun. Highly recommend. 

Pat's Mum, Greenmount

We love our Pitter Patter Music Together class! Rachel is such a wise, talented and passionate about children and music teacher! What we love the most is the flexibility this music class allows where children are learning through play without any pressure of the expectation to achieve, the guidance in relation to musical skills development in children both through printed materials and as a weekly reminder in class throughout each term, and joy and fun that learnt songs and play brings in our family life the same much in class and home. After trialing a number of musical classes out there, our preference wholeheartedly is sitting with Pitter Patter Music Together ❤️ 

Julia, Bayswater

Dear Rachel, We missed seeing you. We are so happy that we can come to music class again. I love the "Hello Everybody" song, "Dancing with Teddy" and "ali-galoo-galo" and all the other songs! From V, O & E.
p.s Thank you for your effort and kindness during the shut-down period. From deliverying our songbook by hand, to staying on Zoom to give extra time for us when we were late. It meant a lot.

V & O's Mum, Carlisle

Rachel, you're magnificent! Thank you for your wonderful classes. 

Hazel’s Grandma, Shelley

Dear Rachel, Thank you for the amazing few years of music. We will definitely miss you and the music (will be playing the phone app & CD's for sure). Hope to see you again. love B, A, I & G

Family of Four, Morley